Reviews For New Gotham Knights Are Out Ahead of Tomorrow’s Release

reviews-for-gotham-knights-are-here-and-this-is-what-fans-have-to-say-about-it 160429

One day until the release of Gotham Knights and reviews aren’t looking hopeful.

Gotham Knights is releasing on the Xbox Series X and Series S, PlayStation 5, and Microsoft Windows tomorrow, October 21, 2022. The game as of now has a 69/100 on Metacritic a day before its release and fans are already jumping to cancel their pre-orders, Although CGM is still working on our reviews for the game, let’s see what others have to say:

Reviews-For-Gotham-Knights-Are-Here-And-This-Is-What-Fans-Have-To-Say-About-It 123641

Travis Northup at IGN reviewed and rated the game 5/10, as he thought the game was mediocre, especially for a Batman game. “As I played it for 30 hours, it just kept hitting me with bad news: WHAM! Underwhelming combat. POW! A weak, predictable story. BIFF! Puzzling progression design choices. THWACK! Sub-30 frame rates. I’m left wondering how it went so wrong.”

Mark Delaney from Gamespot agrees with this, giving the game a 4/10 and saying this: “Strong character work and a well-considered co-op experience can’t save all that ails Gotham Knights, leaving this experience neither the one fans deserve, nor the one they need right now.”


However, Jordan Middler from VGC would disagree with both, as he gave Gotham Knights a whopping 4/5 “Gotham Knight’s narrative and characters are definitely its strongest asset, and arguably among the strongest portrayal of DC characters in a video game.”

Shaun Ranft over at Twinfinite gave the game a 4.5/5, “Gotham Knights is a game that draws its line in the sand very early on and rarely wavers. It is a game that emphasizes the importance of support and empathy while sprinkling in every element we’ve come to expect and adore from these titles along the way. So no, Gotham Knights is not an Arkham game. It neither needed nor wanted to be. And because of this, it thrives.”


Overall, the game seems to have more bad experiences than good. Though some people really had some fun with it, it still underwhelmed its fans, and their excitement for the game was short-lived as the story and characters seem much better than the gameplay as of right now.

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