Green Hell VR Launches For Steam On June 9

Begone Red, Green Hell VR Launches For Steam On June 9 1

The highly touted title, Green Hell VR, has garnered some critical acclaim since its arrival on the Quest 2, but now gamers utilizing Steam VR can journey into the Amazon soon.

Back in April, Green Hell VR launched on the Quest 2 and has since received a mostly positive Metacritic score of 78, and surprised many critics with its focus on the survival aspect of journeying through the Amazon. But as announced in its new VR based trailer, things are about to get a lot more immersive for gamers.

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The immersive title sees gamers step into the shoes of protagonist Jake Higgins, on a survival mission through the Amazon in order to find his wife Mia, after they have been separated.

In a statement regarding the separate launches CEO at Incuvo, Andrzej Wychowaniec said, “After two years of work we are thrilled to launch our game on Steam. The decision to split the PCVR and Quest launches was right, over these few extra weeks, we managed to polish important elements in the game to make it worth the wait. We appreciate all the community support, those who have already been playing in Quest 2”.

The Steam VR PC version of Green Hell VR promises to expand the game world due to the more advanced capabilities of PCs, including over 60 gameplay mechanics testing the players survival ability in the lush rainforest.

Green Hell VR Key Features

Green Hell Vr Launches For Steam On June 9
  • Test your mettle against a rainforest that is attempting to make quick work of the player.
  • Face off, or flee in terror against the forest’s mightiest predators, including jaguars, crocodiles, scorpions, snakes, and frogs.
  • Explore a lush jungle filled with life, with the ability to craft tools and build shelter, that are necessary for survival.
  • Unearth multiple endings for Jake’s story, as different actions can lead to different conclusions of the immense story.

Green Hell VR is slated to make its way to the PC platform via Steam on June 9th, and fans can wish list it directly from the Steam website now.

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