Valve’s Exciting VR ‘Deckard’ Headset Rumoured to be Announced Soon

| June 17, 2022
Valve's Exciting VR 'Deckard' Headset Rumored To Be Announced Soon Through Patents

Valve has placed a certain emphasis on VR. Considering the latest release of prominent VR titles on the Steam platform and aside from the Index released in 2019, the standalone VR headset, the ‘Deckard’ may be on the horizon.

Since the release of the previous Valve Index headset, there have been rumours circulating the internet about a newer, standalone VR headset code-named the ‘Deckard.’ This rumour may now yield fruit due to the upcoming Steam VR Fest in July, with fans anticipating a formal announcement may not have to wait much longer.

A patent that was published yesterday by Valve seems to showcase the skeleton of the Deckard, yet the patent was filed back in December 2021. A small description is also given of the device “A head-mounted display includes a front having a display housing and a back having a rear-housing,” now that may sound a small bit far-fetched, but there are images of the newly published patent, and let’s say it definitely resembles a VR headset.

Valve'S Exciting Vr 'Deckard' Headset Rumoured To Be Announced Soon

These images were first posted by the Twitter handle, SadlyItsBradley, who also made a breakdown of his findings on his YouTube page, regarding data mining of the recently released Steam VR beta, and being that Brad Lynch is an ‘XR Hardware Analyst’, the information seems noteworthy. But again, without formal confirmation, all of this information should be taken with a grain of salt.

Valve'S Exciting Vr 'Deckard' Headset Rumoured To Be Announced Soon

With the most recent release of Green Hell VR on Steam, it shows Valve’s commitment to obtain a more diverse range of titles for VR on their platform. The Steam VR Fest 2022 may be where fans learn more about upcoming developments regarding the Deckard, and all fans will have to do is follow this sign-up walkthrough to obtain an invitation. Steam VR Fest will take place between July 18 until July 25, a promising spot for a potential announcement.

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