GTA 6 Leaks Point To Potentially Delayed Release

GTA 6 Leaks Point To Potentially Delayed Release 1

A potential time frame for the release of Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6)has been leaked and it doesn’t look like players will be getting their hands on Rockstar’s highly anticipated title anytime soon.

Grand Theft Auto has been one of the largest franchises in gaming for years, and the latest installment, Grand Theft Auto V has only further extended that influence into lunar territory. After almost a decade on the market, Grand Theft Auto V continues to sell year after year thanks to GTA Online, and the consistent stream of content and support from Rockstar. Players have been wondering when we’ll see the next installment in the GTA series, but it looks like that could be even further off than we think.

Originally reported by Express, known leaker ViewerAnon responded to a tweet regarding GTA 6 and Rockstar’s recent calls for game testers, saying “last year Rockstar internally had GTA IV set for a late 2023 release”.

Another two years would really make it a full decade since the release of Grand Theft Auto V, and with next-gen upgrades confirmed for Grand Theft Auto V it will officially span over three console generations. If Rockstar intends to do the same with GTA 6, it’s not surprising that they want to take all the time they can get to make it as smooth of a launch as possible. After everything that happened with Cyberpunk 2077, no developer is keen to repeat such an event.

It isn’t just leakers saying that we could be waiting a while longer for our next foray into GTA. Jason Schreier was recently asked on Twitter if he still expected GTA 6 for 2023 as he had previously stated, this also from Express via Twitter. and responded by saying “Expect everything to be way later than you think because of COVID”.

Unfortunately none of this news is great for GTA fans, and it looks like the wait will continue past a decade, at least for now.

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