GTFO’s Latest Update Comes With a Free Weekend

GTFO's Latest Update Comes With a Free Weekend 1

Cooperative horror shooter GTFO is getting a free weekend, to coincide with the game’s latest 7.0 update.

The free weekend starts today, June 17, and runs all the way through June 20. You can claim the free version through the game’s Steam page, and GTFO is also currently 25 percent off if you decide to go in for the long haul.

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GTFO’s updates are known as “Rundowns,” and developer 10 Chambers has released a trailer showing off the additions coming with Rundown 7.0 Rise. The biggest feature in this update is a new Gardens environment, which brings a stark contrast to the cold dark tunnels featured in most of the game before now. There are also two new enemies introduced along with the environment.

Apart from that, the update adds a new single-player tutorial to ease players into the experience, enhanced localization for multiple languages, and various quality of life enhancements for things like graphics and audio.

If you’re unfamiliar with GTFO, here’s an overview of the game’s core features from its Steam page.

  • A 4-player cooperative experienceGTFO is designed for prisoner teams of four, putting cooperation at the core of the experience. Bots can fill your lineup if you’re short one or two players. They’ll follow you through expeditions, sneak when you sneak, collect resources, and fight alongside you. They’re a good fallback, but the level of communication and tactical combat in GTFO means it’s best to play with people.
  • Prepare, Explore, Survive – A strategy is necessary to clear the Rundown. Before you drop into the Complex, your team needs to decide what gear, boosters, and weapons to bring. You must also balance the team, identifying the function of each prisoner so that you know what to do when things go wrong. And they will. They always do.
  • Don’t wake them up – Stealth and coordination are necessary to survive as you maneuver through the Complex. Many of the creatures of GTFO are suspended in a state of hibernation, so light, noise, and vibrations can easily wake up these Sleepers. And if one of them knows you’re there, they all know. That’s when things get messy.
  • New mission, new Rundown – When the Warden issues a Work Order, a new Rundown is released and the existing Rundown is deleted forever. New Rundowns will drop periodically over the lifetime of the game, bringing your team grisly new ways to suffer.

GTFO is currently only available on PC via Steam.

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