Hearthstone Gets The Death Knight Class In December & More In Patch 24.6

hearthstone gets the death knight class in december amp more in patch 24 6 369816

Hearthstone has been going strong since its 2014 release, and Blizzard seeks to keep it going strong with patch 24.6, and a future Warcraft Death Knight class.

Blizzard has outlined their plans for the immediate future for their blockbuster card game, and those grand plans have now revealed the patch 24.6 notes, which like other patches is filled with a huge amount of information surrounding balancing adjustments and upcoming events in the Hearthstone community. In the patch notes, Blizzard outlined their plan to bring a brand-new expansion to the battlefield, with the fan-favourite Death Knight class becoming fully playable in the March of the Lich King expansion which will arrive on December 6.

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The patch 24.6 notes do go over a swath of information regarding the immediate future of Hearthstone, and those go into effect today. The major details are as follows as provided by the official Blizzard post:

  • Logging in to Hearthstone grants users The Sunwell Legendary Neutral spell, to jumpstart the March of the Lich King set, which can be redeemed once per account.
  • New Legendary skins, with the first being provided as pre-purchase as part of the Arthas Menethil Bundle, which is available on November 8.
  • New event system that allows players to complete thematic Event Quests to earn XP, compounding the already lucrative legendary quests.
  • A massive Knights of the Hallowed End Event, which grants users the entire Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion temporarily Standard legal and FREE for all players, so Hearthstone players should jump in to reacquaint themselves.
  • More detailed balancing and bug fixes.
Hearthstone Gets The Death Knight Class In December Amp More In Patch 24 6 474710

The kicker of the new posting is the addition of the brand new March of the Lich King expansion, allowing players to utilize the Death Knight class with all of the Warcraft bells and whistles that comes with it such as Blood/Frost/Undead rune system and corpse mechanic. The new ‘Manathirst’ keyword can make cards stronger as battles go on longer.

Hearthstone Gets The Death Knight Class In December Amp More In Patch 24 6 940125

While patch 24.6 is in effect now, The March of the Lich King will bring 145 new collectible cards to Hearthstone, and fans can pre-purchase the bundle now starting at $49.99 for December 6. Fans can also swing over to the Blizzard website to dig through the weighty original post for EVERY small change and feature implemented.

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