Horizon Multiplayer Game Confirmed By New Job Posting

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A new job posting from Guerrilla Games has confirmed that the long-rumored Horizon multiplayer game is actually happening.

The Amsterdam-based studio put a job advertisement on its @LifeAtGuerrilla account on Friday, saying “A new internal team is developing a separate Online Project set in Horizon’s universe.”

The new title will apparently star a brand-new cast of characters and have an entirely new art style, saying friends will be able to explore the “majestic wilds” of Horizon together.

Rumors of a multiplayer Horizon game go back to September 2021, when it was found out Guerrilla was hiring for an “online RPG.” Digging into the job descriptions of Guerrilla’s new posting sheds even more light on what we might expect from the new Horizon title.

The listing for Lead World Designer states “Guerrilla is looking for a Lead World Designer to bring the expanding Horizon universe to a multiplayer audience. As the successful candidate, you will head up the World Design team on one of our ambitious, unannounced projects, and work with multi-disciplinary teams to create a game of the highest possible quality.”

Past that, the listing for Lead Combat Designer reads “As a successful candidate, you will work closely with combat designers, animators, gameplay programmers and multi-disciplinary teams to create playable characters and a variety of enemies (Machines & Humanoids) that focus on exciting combat with cooperative elements.”

These descriptions definitely seem to hint that the new title could be a Monster Hunter-style cooperative game set in the Horizon universe, which would, admittedly, be a perfect fit.

It seems like PlayStation is doubling down on the success of the Horizon franchise, as we now know of four different projects in the works. There’s the aforementioned multiplayer title, the next game starring Aloy, Horizon Call of the Mountain for PSVR 2, and the recently-announced Burning Shores DLC for Horizon Forbidden West, which takes place in post-apocalyptic LA.

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