Horizon Zero Dawn Remaster Reportedly in the Works for PS5

Report: Horizon Zero Dawn Remake/Remaster in the Works for PS5; Multiplayer Game in Development; DLC teased by Horizon actor

According to a new report, Guerrilla Games is currently working on a remaster of Horizon Zero Dawn for the PS5.

Speaking with the multiplayer-centric site MP1st, multiple sources said that while they couldn’t confirm whether this updated version of Horizon Zero Dawn would be a full-on remake or simply a remaster with updated graphics/performance, they did say that it will feature “an improved lighting system (ambient occlusion, etc.), overhauled textures, better animations, and new character models on par with those found in the sequel, Horizon Forbidden West.”

In addition to news about the PS5 remaster, Horizon Forbidden West actor Lance Reddick recently teased that he’s “hard at work” on new content for the game in a since-deleted tweet. You can view a screencap of the full tweet below as well as the accompanying video.

Horizon Zero Dawn Remaster Reportedly In The Works For Ps5

There’s also a rumour that Guerrilla Games is developing a Horizon online multiplayer game for both the PS5 and PC. MP1st cites two unnamed sources who have verified that the project is legit, with a third saying it may feature a form of co-op. It’s said the game will focus on customizing the different tribes that exist within the Horizon franchise, though that’s yet to be verified or whether the online would feature any type of co-op or PvP.

PlayStation 5 users who have yet to play the original PS4 version of Horizon Zero Dawn may want to wait a bit to see whether this upcoming remaster/remake will be worth it.

Horizon Forbidden West is currently available now for PS4 and PS5.

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