HyperX Surpasses 1 Million USB Mics Shipped

HyperX Surpasses 1 Million USB Mics Shipped

The people at HyperX are celebrating a monumental achievement with their audio peripherals.

They have announced that they have surpassed one million shipped units of their USB Microphones. The brand leader in gaming peripherals, part of HP Inc., announced today that they have reached this milestone, shipping over a million microphones to Streamers, Podcasters, Gamers, Students and Work From Home employees alike.

In 2019, HyperX released their first USB Microphone, the Quadcast. They also offer two other mics, whose combined sales over the past two years contributed to this milestone, the Quadcast’s followup, the customisable Quadcast S and the budget model, the SoloCast. 

Hyperx Goes All In Supporting Content Creators With The Exciting 'Streamer Starter Pack' 1
HyperX Streamer Starter Pack

With the emergence of the pandemic, content creation and gaming became a wildly popular pastime for many cooped up individuals, as did the need for communication tools that were better than the stock microphone on one’s laptop so that they could teach classes, attend meetings, etc. in a work from home environment.

This resulted in a massive increase in demand for peripherals with a simple setup and reasonable price tag, making the USB Microphone the ideal solution for many people. Over the last two years, the number of USB microphones on the market has increased exponentially and HyperX is thriving.

“HyperX is pleased to support a thriving community of content creators, influencers and gamers with the highest quality gaming products to meet their individual setup needs,” said General Manager, of HyperX, Kevin Hague. “Our continued efforts have created a lineup of microphones that deliver clear and consistent sound not only for gamers, streamers, and casters, but also students and business professionals alike.”

The company, whose line of products includes mice, keyboards, headsets, storage, power supplies and even eyewear, is partnered with major creators, including Faze Clan, Team Liquid and XSET

HyperX states that they are the gaming solution for every gamer, “The company is consistently recognized for delivering products that provide superior comfort, aesthetics, performance, and reliability. Under the tagline of ‘WE’RE ALL GAMERS,’ HyperX gaming headsets, keyboards, mice, USB microphones, and console accessories are the choice of everyday gamers as well as celebrity ambassadors, pro gamers, tech enthusiasts, and overclockers worldwide because they meet the most stringent product specifications and are built with best-in-class components.”

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