The Indie Box’s First Shipment Is Out! (Content Spoilers Ahead)

| May 21, 2014
The Indie Box's First Shipment Is Out! (Content Spoilers Ahead) - 2014-05-20 01:08:36

About a month ago we brought you news on the launch The Indie Box, a group harboring intentions of delivering old-school style physical game boxes to doorsteps. The idea was to capture a piece of nostalgia, recreating the experience of unwrapping all the cool goodies that the video games of yore were accompanied by. Well, with the first shipments reaching subscribers, it’s time to see if they’ve made good on their intentions!

Teslagrad, an attractively drawn 2D puzzle platformer, is this month’s feature pick. Its plastic-wrapped box features retro styled art and back cover descriptions and images. Inside, we’ve got some sort of button set, paper craft figures, a small poster, a sound track, a game manual, and the USB cartridge containing the game itself. This last piece looks to be about the size of two or three stacked credit cards with the insertable USB stick folding outward from the center. Not bad!

Check out the Imgur album uploaded by Reddit user GuideZ for full look at what’s in there. He and the others lucky enough to have received their shipments already appear to be thoroughly excited. Hopefully the Indie Box crew can maintain a variety of loot, but how much can you actually fit in a box that size? Only time will tell.

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