Indie games arriving on Xbox One early 2014

| Dec 17, 2013
Indie games arriving on Xbox One early 2014

Eager to get your hands on some indie games for the Xbox One? You’ll have to wait a little longer according to [email protected]’s director Chris Charla, who said indie games will begin rolling out during the first quarter of 2014.

“I would say closer to the third month. In terms of how many games there will be, it’s hard to say, because they’re still in development,” said Charla in a recent interview with Edge.

He added games emerging from Microsoft’s Independent Developers Publishing Program for Xbox One are in “all stages of development.” Some were being developed for the Xbox One at the start of the console’s launch, other games had already been in the development process for a while and are currently being refined for Microsoft’s console.

No projects have been named, however it appears we’ll have plenty to choose from, considering the promising list of developers who signed up to create Xbox One games through the console’s self-publishing program. It’ll be nice to finally have that pool of indies to choose games from, especially now that the buzz surrounding launch titles is slowly petering out.

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