Indus Battle Royale Releases 1st Gameplay Trailer & Pre-Registration Is Up Now

indus battle royale releases 1st gameplay trailer amp pre registration is up now 23012701 2

Another exciting battle royale title called Indus Battle Royale from Super Gaming dropped its first pre-alpha gameplay trailer on Friday, showcasing the carnage.

Fortnite is one of the most popular games of all time. That popularity lead to a surge in the battle royale genre, giving gamers titles like Call of Duty: Warzone, and today, Indus Battle Royale. The developers over at Super Games just pulled back the curtain on their first gameplay trailer, giving players a glimpse at the new title which can be seen below.

YouTube video

While the trailer is self-proclaimed as pre-alpha, there are some key takeaways from what is shown. First and foremost, Indus Battle Royale seems to allow players to choose between a first-person perspective and a third-person perspective, but the developers note FPP will be released first with both options arriving in the future. A brief moment in the trailer that seems to have given away how many players will start each match (0:49), stating “Players Remaining 60” in sand. There also seems to be a hero select page, of which only six are currently listed: Big Gaj, Sir Taj, Adam, Adya, Null, and Void appear to be the ‘starting roster’.

Indus Battle Royale Releases 1St Gameplay Trailer Amp Pre Registration Is Up Now 23012701 1

There are also numerous weapons players can use to dispatch their foes such as the V-Fury SMG, which features a spinning green wheel gun animation on its side to show attention to detail, and other staple royale weapons renamed like the A27 Locust functioning as an assault rifle. Indus Battle Royale details the player’s mission statement as follows:

You are a Mythwalker. A hired gun, an adventurer, a blank slate. A thirst for the unknown has you diving head first onto the planet Indus for COVEN, an intragalactic syndicate. Indus is a mystery to most space faring civilizations, a veritable collection of untouched, unexplored, and ever-changing islands.

Indus Battle Royale Website
Indus Battle Royale Releases 1St Gameplay Trailer Amp Pre Registration Is Up Now 23012701

Super Games also appears to put fans in the driver’s seat with their ‘community first’ approach stating “We are building Indus with a community first approach, where we invite Mythwalkers from the Community for Playtests that we conduct across the country to come in and share their thoughts, feedback and even criticism of the build they play. By doing this we ensure that we are always building a game for the players first.”

Indus Battle Royale is up for pre-registration on their website right now, and the developers say it will “be playable on PC, mobiles, and consoles” and will be entirely Free-To-Play. There is no timetable for an actual release but the website also lists “A playable version of the game should be available in 2022,” so it’s anyone’s guess at the moment. Aspiring Mythwalkers can head over to the Indus Battle Royale website for more information.

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