New EU Law Mandates iPhone Use USB-C Ports By 2024

EU Makes iPhone Use USB-C Ports With New Law By 2024

The EU held a parliamentary vote where electronics will be forced to utilize the common USB-C port, this includes Apple devices such as the iPhone, by 2024.

In a move that has been on the horizon for months now, the EU parliament elected to issue a directive that forces consumer electronics to ditch their old charging ports in favour of the widely utilized USB-C port by 2024. The iPhone famously uses the lightning charging port for power, as well as the companion AirPods device, but that will now change over to the USB Type C.

Eu Makes Iphone Use Usb-C Ports With New Law By 2024

CNN reports “A 2021 study cited in the same report found that iPhones with the Lightning connector accounted for 18% of new mobile phone sales in 2019, with 44% using USB-C and 38% using the older USB Micro-B connector,” and interestingly enough, the USB-C is already being utilized by certain Macs and newer Apple iPad generations. This directive just puts the final nail in the coffin for the iPhone lightning cable. The Parliament report details why they’re enforcing the USB-C switch:

  • One single charger for all mobile phones and tablets – beneficial for the environment and for consumers
  • USB Type-C port will be the new standard for portable devices, offering high-quality charging and data transfers
  • Buyers will be able to choose whether to purchase a new device with or without a charging device

Although the directive has faced overwhelming support in Parliament, the report notes “Council will have to formally approve the Directive before it is published in the EU Official Journal. It will enter into force 20 days after publication.

Member states will then have 12 months to transpose the rules and 12 months after the transposition period ends to apply them. The new rules would not apply to products placed on the market before the date of application, so the law isn’t necessarily in stone until 20 days from now. Considering the ‘common charger’ proposal in 2021 was shelved, it’s safe to say this decision can still be reversed.

This new legislation comes on the heels of the recent iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro MAX releases, and the rules will most likely go into effect for the next generation of iPhones in the EU if uncontested.

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