Jason Lives as Friday the 13th Gets Kickstarted

Jason Voorhees Comes to Kickstarter

At 11 o’clock, Tuesday night, the Friday the 13th game was able to gain the $700K it needed to make the game a reality. While $700K ensures the game will be made, the team has aspirations of up to $5.5 million that will provide a lot to the game including extra environmental kills iconic to the movies. So far, the Kickstarter has reached enough money to make the sleeping bag kill from Part 7, the mirror kill, and the head crusher from Part 3 complete with flying eyeball a reality. Increased funding will also allow for playable special characters such as Tommy Jarvis and Mark; getting to play as Pamela Voorhees, and even extra maps inspired from the films including Manhattan and even the spaceship Grendel from Jason X.

In an email sent to all backers (myself included) Randy Greenback said “Thank you all for getting behind us, for telling everyone you know, and for sharing your love of horror films & games. Without each one of you, this truly would not be happening. Thank you for believing in us. It means everything to have your backing and support.”

Greenback also expressed a hesitance to use Kickstarter saying “it was not a decision that anyone on the team took lightly. By involving the fans, we’re sharing our dream, and thus are now working with all of you wonderful backers to make it a reality.”

Friday the 13


has long been my favourite horror franchise and being a very big fan of the “asymmetric multiplayer” style that Evolve perfected, I’m incredibly excited to see this project come to life. Moreover, seeing Sean S. Cunningham, Tom Savini and the man himself, Kane Hodder, attached to the project fills me with confidence that this will be the Friday the 13


game we’ve all deserved for a long time. Here’s hoping there will be a Freddy vs. Jason mode somewhere down the line (if the license can be acquired.)

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