Joker 2 Officially Confirmed, Title Revealed

Joker 2 Officially Confirmed: Todd Phillips Revealed Possible Title. 1

Filmmaker Todd Phillips Officially Confirmed the sequel to 2019 Joker, while revealing what could possibly be the title.

Phillips directed and co-wrote the first movie starring Joaquin Phoenix back in 2019, which featured the origin story of the villain Joker and was critically acclaimed to be a masterpiece for its moody scenes and stellar acting. Until recently, it was unclear if Joker was going to be its own standalone movie, until that was clarified by Phillips via his Instagram account, confirming the sequel. 

In the post made by him, you can see the cover of the script for the new movie titled, Joker: Folie à Deux alongside another image of Phoenix reading the screenplay. We can also see Scott Silver joined together with Phillip to write the next Joker movie on the script cover. 

While not much is known about the plot details of the movie, Folie à Deux is an actual psychological disorder where multiple patients within a proximity are affected by the same or similar delusional disorder. Since we all know that Harley Quinn is Joker’s partner in crime and madness, this could possibly be Phillips and Silver’s interpretation of how they met. 

Joker 2 Officially Confirmed: Todd Phillips Revealed Possible Title. 3

The origin movie of Joker follows the story of Arthur Fleck, a lonely party clown in Gotham City as he progressively changes into the Joker as he loses himself in his own mental state. The movie became a must for anyone to watch, whether you’re a DC fan or not. After it became a top-hit, Warner Bros. reportedly signed Phillips to write a sequel to the movie, and now here we are after nearly 3 years, Phillips finally confirmed the movie. 

Joker has also gone on to the 92nd Oscars and took the rewards for Best Actor and Best Original Score home with it. 

Knowing that the sequel to Joker could come out in a few years will leave most fans elated for the confirmation of the movie. As stated before, it won’t be coming out any time soon, so we have to be patient. In the meantime you can binge-watch all the DC movies including Matt Reeves’ The Batman as an appetizer before the main course has arrived.

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