Julian Lennon Dives Into The NFT Market By Offering Tokens Based On Legendary Band ‘The Beatles’

| January 25, 2022
Julian Lennon Dives Into The NFT Market By Offering Legendary The Beatles Related Tokens

The Beatles are one of the most recognized names in music history, and the legendary rock band has some of the most highly sought collector items in the world. Now, Julian Lennon appears to be auctioning off some serious heat from his personal collection, including handwritten ‘Hey Jude’ lyrics from Paul McCartney himself, in the form of an NFT.

Let’s be clear, the items themselves are not up for auction, digital NFTs for the physical items are. The auction housed by Julien’s Auctions feature the entire collection which not only has the lyrics, but three Gibson Les Paul guitars that were gifted personally from John Lennon to his son, the Afghan coat worn by Lennon during the ‘Magical Mystery tour,’ and the black cape worn by Lennon in the movie Help!

Julian Lennon Selling Nfts Of Beatles History, Keeping Actual Items -  Rolling Stone
Not an NFT

Julian Lennon told Variety in an interview that “I’ve been collecting these personal items for about 30 years, and I was getting a bit fed up with them being locked away in a vault, where I’ve had to keep them because I didn’t want them to get damaged,” including “I actually felt very bad about keeping all that stuff locked away, and I just felt that this was a unique way to continue dad’s legacy and to show people the collections I have, and with the videos and narration, to give people a little more than they would normally get and hear some stories that they haven’t heard before in a new art form and a different medium.”

The NFTs in question are listed as ‘one-of-a-kind’ items, with Julian Lennon only being the other owner of the physical item. The McCartney penned notes for ‘Hey Jude’ started at $30,000, and is currently up to $50,000 on the auction website.

A portion of the proceeds of the NFT sales will be donated to the noble cause of the White Feather Foundation, with the goal of the betterment of all life.

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