Keiji Inafune launches two new game companies

| April 1, 2011

The former Capcom exec has announced the formation of Intercept and Comcept in Japan.

Keiji Inafune is kicking off his post-Capcom career with the founding of Intercept and Comcept, two new companies with slightly different game-related mandates. One company, Intercept, will focus exclusively on game production. Inafune describes Intercept as his “new challenge for consumer game development” and says that the studio will look to create games that prioritize originality, gravity, and all-ages gameplay.

Comcept, meanwhile, will have a broader focus and address the creation of video games, music, books, and video production. The company will also deal with sales and offer rights management, event planning, and consulting services.
Comcept will have offices in Tokyo and Osaka, while Intercept will be based in Tokyo. Inafune is expected to reveal more information about the two companies in a press conference on April 4th.
Source: Andriasang

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