Animated Sitcom King Of The Hill Being Revived By Original Creators

Huge Animated Sitcom King Of The Hill Is Being Revived By Original Creators

Original creators Mike Judge and Greg Daniels have founded their new animation company, Bandera Entertainment, and the first item on the menu is reportedly a King of the Hill revival.

On the heels of the exciting Beavis and Butthead movie announcement, Bandera Entertainment looks to make old favourites fresh again by bringing fans back to the fictional Arlen, Texas.

The Fitting First And Last Line Of King Of The Hill | Screen Rant

The King of the Hill revival has been whispered about for years leading up to the announcement, but not much information has been given about the storied ‘heroes’ drinking beer out of an alleyway. The original series had a massive run of 13 seasons, and fans will be thrilled to know that the whispers have now come to fruition.

The Hollywood Reporter interview with Judge and Daniels outlined their ambitious aims for their new company, which outlines many projects that are in the works including many ‘for adult’ original animations following the massive success of the adult cartoon Netflix hit Big Mouth.

While old favourites are returning from Bandera, Greg Daniels explains, “Mostly what Bandera is doing is trying to get us in more of a supervisory role; that’s what we’ve been really concentrating on: using our taste and the people we’ve worked with and trying to help other people achieve their visions that we think are cool,” in a passing of the torch style of animation.

Daniels included “We’re in a golden age for content, right? That’s animation, too. That was one of the things we were talking about in founding the company: ‘Let’s push animation into all these different genres.’” in what appears to be an animation domination type approach.

While King of the Hill has still received no sketches, another Mike Judge classic, Beavis and Butthead has received Twitter posted sketches of the Paramount+ upcoming film. The potential Beavis and Butthead film plot seems to see the dynamic duo placed in the current age.

As current details on the new King of the Hill revival are sparse, following the official Mike Judge Twitter account can keep you in the loop. Greg Daniels’s latest project is the Steve Carell helmed second season of Space Force at Netflix set to air on February 18.

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