Kingdom Hearts 3 Re Mind DLC Trailer Released Ahead of TGS

| September 9, 2019
Kingdom Hearts 3 Re Mind DLC Trailer Released Ahead of TGS

The Re Mind DLC for Kingdom Hearts 3 just got its second trailer, revealing more of what’s being added – and explained.

Fans have been eagerly waiting for KH3’s “Final Mix” content since before the game launched, and this Winter they’ll get their gloves on it. Containing battles where you’ll get the chance to play as some of Sora’s greatest allies, this trailer reveals that they’ll be able to use team attacks with their allies as well. We get to see the Oathkeeper and newly-revealed Oblivion Keyblades make a return to the KH series, and a glimpse at Oblivion’s special Keyblade transformation. A tease at some of the new bonus bosses is shown, and another playable character is teased.

YouTube video

Of the highest importance, however, is the steady trickle of story tidbits. If you’ve read this far, I assume you’re okay with mild spoilers, so here we go: this trailer all but confirms that Sora needs to step out of the endgame events to use time and timeline travel (yes, both) to fix things behind the scenes. There has been an enormous amount of speculation (I’m talking hundreds of pages on one theory-level enormous) on what really happened during the seemingly mundane beginning and somewhat zigzag-y ending of KH3, and this DLC is looking to shed some light on it.

Kingdom Hearts 3 has received generally positive reviews, but a lot of people felt like there should have been a bit more to it – and come winter, we’ll find out what that “more” is. There’s no gettin’ offa’ this train we’re on, so let’s see how deep the rabbit hole goes!

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