Kojima Productions Icon, LUDENS, Fully Revealed

Kojima Productions Icon, LUDENS, Fully Revealed 2

For the past couple of days, Kojima Productions has been hyping up the fact that their studio logo means more than it’s letting on. First they teased that it’s not complete, then they teased it’s name and finally, LUDENS, has been fully revealed in all of his absurdly cool ,space knight, glory.

Kojima Productions Icon, Ludens, Fully Revealed

In a barrage of recent tweets made by Hideo Kojima, the infamous game developer has said that LUDENS is wearing the extra-vehicular activity (EVA) creative suit. He also tweeted that his new studio plans to “deliver THE NEW PLAY in THE NEW FUTURE with the cutting-edge equipment, technology, & the frontier spirit.” What these new details mean and if they’re even connected to a new game are still part of the mystery that Kojima continues to unravel before our very eyes.

Cole Watson
Cole Watson

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