‘The Batman’ Tourbillion $100,000 Collector Watch Unveiled by Kross Studio

Kross Studio Unveils $100,000 'The Batman' Tourbillion Collector Watch

With The Batman set to hit theatres next week, Swiss boutique watchmaker Kross Studio has unveiled a limited edition ‘The Batman‘ Tourbillion collector watch in celebration as part of DC’s product series line for the upcoming film.

The watch is not for your everyday consumer as you got to have a Bruce Wayne kind of wallet. It will cost you $100,000; yes, five zeroes. Only 10 of the limited-edition Batman watches are being produced. Each one is hand-made and is assembled in Switzerland.

The watch featured 283 parts and comes with a tourbillon timepiece, an illuminated Bat-Signal functional art piece inspired by Robert Pattinson’s Batman debut and comes in a black, grey and red aesthetic that’s reminiscent of The Dark Knight himself. The tourbillon timepiece is featured centred on the 283 piece wristwatch’s louvred surface which will allow owners of the big money DC-licensed watch a look at the regulator.

“We wanted to create a link between the wearer of the watch and the Batman himself. We thought it would be really fun if the Bat-Signal was there, that [feels like] you could call the Batman if needed. That was the starting point of the inspiration in our design,” Kross Studio founder and creative director, Marco Tedeschi said in a Hollywood Reporter interview.

Getting into the watch’s spec, the tourbillion is a 45mm hand-wound timepiece that comes with an in-house developed produced calibre KS 7’000 battery that can last five days. The watch is additionally water-resistant for up to 30 meters, is made of grade 5 titanium with a black DLC coating and has a bat emblem on the louvred tourbillon cage.

The watch also features a one-revolution-per-minute tourbillon in the middle of the piece which Tedeschi says “is not something very common in tourbillon watches.” In addition to the watch, Kross Studio is also releasing a functional 13-inch Bat-Signal sculpture.

Kross Studio Unveils $100,000 'The Batman' Tourbillion Collector Watch 1
Source: Kross Studio

“We converted the Bat-Signal into a functional piece of art,” explains Tedeschi. “It’s a light, so you can use it to light up a room, and it’s also a watch box, so on the bottom, there is a compartment to hide and store a watch.”

“We had access to some pictures of the set because the Bat-Signal is completely new. But to create something accurate we needed to have much more details, so we had the chance to work together with Warner Bros. and get 3D models as well to adapt.”

The Batman piece is Kross Studio’s fourth collaboration with Warner Bros. since the wristwatch company was founded in 2020, who has also collaborated with Disney to produce a—somehow even more expensive—Lucasfilm-authorized $150,000 Star Wars Death Star Wristwatch.

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