LEGO Brawls Brings Us New Jingle Brawls Holiday Excitement All December Long

lego brings us jingle brawls all december long 189086

Bandai Namco Entertainment America Inc and Red Games Co bring holiday content like LEGO Brawls for the entire month of December.

Don’t forget to check out the Jingle Brawls trailer to see the Santa minifigure, Elf minifigure and more Christmas-themed battles to come throughout the month of December. This should be a great addition to the game, making the holidays a bit more fun with this limit-timed content and holiday-themed levels.

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The Jingle Brawls event comes from a free update for those who already own LEGO Brawls and will be available tomorrow, December 1st, through December 31st. LEGO Brawls has previously been described as a SuperMario SmashBros lookalike, except here it’s LEGO themed.

LEGO Brawls is a family-friendly, brick-based, team-action bawler with cross-platform play (cross-play) and multiple game modes that can be enjoyed by players of all ages, skill levels, and play preferences. Players build and compete with custom, one-of-a-kind LEGO minifigure brawlers tailored to their personality, strategy, and play style with more than 77 trillion customization possibilities.

With LEGO Brawls already featuring themes like Jurassic World, Castle and Pirate, this latest addition is a new way for players to enjoy LEGO-based action. The game is easy to pick up and fun to experience, and more reasons to dive in this holiday season are never bad.

Lego Brings Us Jingle Brawls All December Long 673390

This multiplayer game brings players’ unique minifigures together and has them build and brawl one another online. Different levels and modes of the game can bring you different rewards, an “every-player-for-themselves’ online game brings winners collectibles. With Party Mode, players can play private games with friends located anywhere in the world as long as they’re online. Players all over the world can team together and battle, no matter their gaming console type.

With the Jingle Brawls event starting December 1st, there has never been a better time to dust off your LEGO and get a quick match in. LEGO Brawls is available now on Nintendo eShopPlayStation StoreMicrosoft Store for XboxSteamApple Arcade, and GeForce NOW.

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