Loki Restrained in New Key Art from Disney+

| March 19, 2021
Loki Restrained in New Key Art from Disney+ 2

@LokiOfficial on Twitter dropped the new key art and we are READY.

Loki fans don’t have long to wait! The new Loki series coming to Disney+ starring the internet’s favorite shapeshifting bad boy is coming this summer on June 11, and they just revealed new key art on their Twitter page to get fans hyped up! In the new artwork, Loki is seen as a prisoner of the Time Variance Authority, or TVA, and is wearing a prison jumpsuit and a neck collar restraint.

Loki is the next title in Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and fans are already super excited. Disney+ subscribers have been bingeing WandaVision since it’s release in January 2021. Today marks the release date for the new series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which follows the two characters as they deal with life in the aftermath of Avengers: End Game. With Loki’s new key art, fans are reminded that even more MCU action is on the way.

Loki Restrained In New Key Art From Disney+
Infographic from Comicbook.com

Not a whole lot has been revealed about the new Loki series, leaving fans to dream up all sorts of ideas about how Loki’s imprisonment at the TVA will play out. Since this series is based on an alternate timeline when Loki escapes with the Tesseract… almost anything could happen. Disney+ released a teaser trailer back in December, which leaves us with lots of questions and plenty of anticipation for the new series:

YouTube video

Marvel fans have a lot to look forward to in the coming years, with so many huge titles still in the works. How will Loki’s alternate timeline impact the MCU? Only time will tell.

…Or will it? As Mobius (portrayed by Owen Wilson) says in the exclusive Loki clip, “It’s hard to say… you know, time passes differently here in the TVA.”

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