Lost Words: Beyond the Page Launches April 6

Lost Words: Beyond the Page Launches April 6 4
Sketchbook Games has announced their upcoming narrative adventure Lost Words: Beyond the Page, penned by Rhianna Pratchett, will arrive on major platforms in just a few weeks.

Lost Words: Beyond the Page has players navigate the 2D watercolour worlds inside the diary of Izzy, a young girl who aspires to be a writer. Using words as tools to solve puzzles and influence the environment, the player will shape events in Estoria, the imaginary world Izzy writes about. Gameplay shifts between the diary’s pages and the imaginary world itself, offering a fully immersive and fully narrated tale.

In Lost Words: Beyond The Page, Players Will Use Words Inside A Diary As Tools To Overcome Puzzles And Create Safe Passage.
In Lost Words: Beyond the Page, players will use words inside a diary as tools to overcome puzzles and create safe passage. (Sketchbook Games)

Pratchett is a game industry veteran who wrote Heavenly Sword, Tomb Raider, Overlord, and Mirror’s Edge after working in journalism. She has also written media tie-ins for both Tomb Raider and Mirror’s Edge, contributed to anthologies on game writing, and is the daughter of novelist Sir Terry Pratchett. She won the Best Videogame Script award from the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain for Overlord, and was nominated for a BAFTA for Heavenly Sword.

Lost Words: Beyond the Page has garnered a number of preview awards throughout its development, including Best Family Game of Game Connection UK in 2018, before launching on Stadia last March. It is the first release for Sketchbook Games, a UK-based developer who “believe that video games are one of the most powerful storytelling mediums and use them to create unique, moving experiences.”

Izzy’s diary will take players to Estoria on PlayStation 4, Switch, Xbox One, and Steam on April 6.

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