Macross Rhythm Game Announced

Macross Rhythm Game Announced 1

Despite being a franchise all about music, none of the Macross tie-in games have centered around it. With over thirty games in the series, that’s a bit surprising. However, it looks like things are going to change in 2017.

Announced for mobile phones, Uta Macross: Smartphone Deculture will be rolling out early next year. A large focus seems to be placed on Walkure, the idol group from the currently-airing Macross Delta. However, it seems like the game will also include musicians from past series as well, including Fire Bomber and Lynn Minmay.

Not much gameplay has been shown yet. The trailer features a 3D rendering of Delta‘s Freyja Wion performing, but no peek at the mechanics is given. One would think that, following Love Live!!‘s popularity, the game will most likely ape that. Of course, that’s just speculation.

While I would like to be excited, an attached name has set off red flags for me. DeNA, a Japanese mobile game publisher, will be rolling Uta Macross out. This is something to make note of, and not for any good reason. The publisher has a reputation for loading their game with microtransactions, way more so than a lot of other mobile companies. One only needs to look at the mobile version of Godus to see an example of this.

With no gameplay and a questionable publisher attached, my anticipation for Uta Macross is definitely dampened. While I’ve always wanted a rhythm game to come out of this series, I’m not sure a freemium mobile game is what I had in mind. Granted, I’ll never actually get to play it, considering it’s going to be a Japan-only release. Thanks, Harmony Gold!

In the meantime, I’ll just import Macross Delta Scramble and call it a day. My Vita needs some love, and Artdink’s got a track record of quality.

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