Mafia III story trailer revealed and release date announced

| April 19, 2016
Mafia III story trailer revealed and release date announced 3

Mafia III’s “One Way Road” story trailer introduces players to the protagonist, Lincoln Clay, and shows off its new southern setting of late 60’s fictional city, New Bordeaux.

Developed by Hanger 13 and published by 2K studios, Mafia III will be the first entry in the franchise to feature a completely open world. Set after the events of the Vietnam war, players control Lincoln Clay, a biracial war vet set on taking down the local mobs and building the city back up in his vision.

The city of New Bordeaux is broken up into nine distinct districts, with each having it’s own feel, crime racket and sets of missions. It’s up to the players to control these districts and manage them with the help of your mafia subordinates to make the most money possible. However, you will have to steal the district from one of the established gangs first in order to control it.

Despite all of the new features and mechanics, the devs have made it clear that they want to keep the same tone and feel of the previous games, including its signature cinematic moments. Mafia III gives players the opportunity to craft the story they want to experience by keeping the missions open-ended and giving the player the opportunity to impact the story by making critical decisions.

Mafia Iii Story Trailer Revealed And Release Date Announced 1Mafia III will release October 7 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. If players pre-order the game early they will also receive exclusive content in the “Family Kick-Back” pack, which includes three new guns and three new vehicles.

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