Sources Say Marvels Young Avengers Has Been Cast

Sources Say Marvels Young Avengers Has Been Cast 14

Today a source revealed to CGMagazine that Marvel’s Young Avengers has begun its casting process, giving fans faces to put to the already popular comic book characters.

Among the list of characters are Nathaniel Richards (Iron Lad), Kate Bishop (Hawkeye), Cassie Lang (Stature), Kamala Khan (Ms Marvel) and Eli Bradley (Patriot).

The tip originally came in naming Alex A.J. Gardner as the actor playing Iron Lad, a hero who wears neurokinetic armour that responds to his thoughts. The armour grants him superhuman strength, flight energy and blast projection among several other abilities. Iron Lad is the founder of the Young Avengers, making the casting of this role pivotal in the success of the movie. Gardner has a relatively small resume in terms of action, with only three roles listed on his IMDB page. Acting wasn’t always what he saw for his future, after Gardner suffered a football injury, he was forced to reassess, “After graduating high school, a lot of people around him encouraged him to take a deeper look into film as a career because of his fun and energetic personality. So, Gardner began his acting career professionally at the age of 18, and hasn’t looked back since.”

Along with the casting of Iron Lad, we have been informed that Hailee Steinfeld will be playing Hawkeye. This gives us reason to believe that The Young Avengers will exist on the Disney+ platform, in the same universe as Hawkeye, where Steinfeld is already cast as Kate Bishop. Bishop’s Young Avengers origin story has her saving the youthful heroes after a mission goes awry, and they end up captured, “It was Kate that saved them using one of Patriot’s throwing stars.”

Disney+ has been banking on their current Marvel fan base with the popularity of shows like WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, with Loki and Hawkeye being next on the list. If Steinfeld crosses over to The Young Avengers from Hawkeye, then a character that has popped up on The Falcon and the Winter Soldier can be assumed to be one of the Young Avengers as well, Eli Bradley — Patriot. Bradley is the grandson of Isaiah Bradley and makes an appearance in “The Star-Spangled Man” episode. The character is played by Elijah Richardson who has previously dawned small roles on Law & Order: SVU and Mr. Robot before joining the Marvel family.

A few other actors have been named, Kathryn Newton (Pokémon Detective Pikachu 2019) as Cassie Lang AKA Stature, and Iman Vellani AKA Ms Marvel, who’s title film has already been announced on IMDB. Though there is no information yet released about the film, it has been confirmed by our source that the Marvel movie has officially begun development. With Iron Lad being the Young Avengers founder, we can assume that Gardner will take the lead in the film. 

We have reached out to Disney for comment but have recived no response by the time of publishing. We will update the story should this change.

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