Konami Confirms Metal Gear 35th Anniversary Site Is Fake

Does Metal Gear Have a Future Post-Kojima? 2

A 35th-anniversary website for the Metal Gear Solid series popped up today, but unfortunately, Konami was quick to assure fans that it’s actually fake.

When you visit the site, an April Fools’ window pops up with the following message:

“This website was made as an April Fools’ joke to parody Konami and the Castlevania 35th Anniversary NFT auction, and is NOT affiliated with Konami, OpenSea, or the Metal Gear series. Nothing on this website should be taken seriously, and there are no actual NFTs for sale.

There are a couple of hidden easter eggs, however. Can you find them? Don’t try looking at the source code, or I’ll know!

Konami, please don’t sue me. Instead, please use the resources you’d put towards hiring lawyers to buy the historical footage licenses needed to put MGS2 and MGS3 back on digital storefronts.”

Metal Gear NFTs aren’t necessarily out of the question. As the post references, Konami posted a massive official NFT collection for the 35th anniversary of Castlevania. While there’s currently no word on official NFTs for Metal Gear, the company has previously used the series on Pachinko machines and the like.

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News might not be all bad, however, as it seems Konami might have something planned for the big anniversary. Speaking broadly about the anniversary, a Konami spokesperson told TechRadar “There is nothing we can say right now.” The phrasing certainly makes it seem like there could be something in the works, but considering this is Konami, it doesn’t necessarily mean there’s any kind of game on the way. There have been multiple rumours over the last year about Metal Gear Solid remakes in the works, but again, those are entirely unconfirmed.

The last Metal Gear game to release was Metal Gear Survive in 2018, which was met with a less than enthusiastic response from both fans and critics alike. Although it sported the same basic gameplay as Metal Gear Solid V, Survive simply lacked the themes and ambition the series is so well known for.

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