Microsoft to Remove Microsoft Paint With Upcoming Windows 10 Update

| Jul 24, 2017
Microsoft to Remove Microsoft Paint With Upcoming Windows 10 Update

The days of Microsoft’s classic Microsoft Paint application are coming to an end.

The upcoming update for Windows 10 will be introducing a number of new changes when it launches this fall. The new changes being brought to Windows this year with its Windows 10 Creators update will also mark the end of the fan favorite creation tool, Microsoft Paint.  Microsoft announced recently that the new update would remove features that have depreciated in value, such as Outlook Express. Microsoft created a list of applications that have been removed with the current version of Windows 10 and applications that have depreciated and are likely to be removed in future releases. This full list can be seen here.

Microsoft Paint originally launched in 1985 with the first versions of Windows. It is known for being one of the first graphic editors and quickly became a core part of the Windows brand. Despite its lack of features, Microsoft Paint’s availability across all Windows operated systems made it many users first encounter with graphic editing. While later versions of the program did add more modern features, it was still an overall inferior tool when compared to other graphic editors.

After an update earlier this year, Microsoft introduced the new Paint 3D program. The new application features 3D image making tools alongside basic image editing abilities. While the program shares a similar name, it’s in no way connected to Microsoft Paint and behaves completely differently.

No exact date has been given for when Microsoft Paint will be removed or when the new fall update will go live. Microsoft has kept quiet in regards to an exact date but it’s certain the listed app’s days are numbered. Those who still enjoy using Microsoft Paint should get in all the time they can with the program while it’s still available.

UPDATE 07/25/17: Microsoft has since stated that Microsoft Paint will still be around via the Windows Store. The popular application will not come pre-packaged with Windows 10 come the Fall Creators Update, but will be available as a free download on the platform.

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