Min Min From ARMS Reaches Into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Min Min From ARMS Reaches Into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

After a long, quarantine-induced wait, Sakurai and co. are finally ready to release the newest addition to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Min Min, from ARMS.

Joining Sakurai in his home, we got to take a look at Min Min, her new stage, 18 accompanying songs from ARMS (2 of them remixes), a new Spirit collection feature allowing you to re-fight conquered Spirits, and 5 new Mii Fighter outfits (including Vault Boy from the Fallout series). Min Min was designed to emulate her home game, able to shoot out her arms separately and equip three different weapons on her right arm. She also has a variety of kicks to deal with fighters up close, and can reflect projectiles with her flip kick.

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Min Min arrives on June 29th for $5.99 USD as a standalone purchase and $29.99 USD as part of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighters Pass 2. Nabbing the Pass will net you an exclusive The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild costume for Mii Swordfighters. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, in spite of its dishonourable exclusion from this year’s EVO Online, remains the best-selling fighting game of all time, and a great way to amuse your family during the quarantine. There’s no sign of when the next fighter will be announced (thanks, again, to the quarantine), but we’ll let you know as soon as we hear about it. Stay safe out there.

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