Mugen Souls Z Arriving In May

Mugen Souls Z Arriving In May 1

Mugen Souls Z, the sequel to Mugen Souls, is coming to North America on May 20th. The announcement came way of Nippon Ichi Software America, who also mentioned that the player level cap of this turn-based RPG will be 9,999.

The plot follows Chou-Chou, the Undisputed God of the Universe, and takes place right after Mugen Souls. Players take control of goddess Syrma, who is out to end an ancient threat to the world. There are 12 worlds in all, and much of the battle (while traditional turn-based) also uses dialogue as a mechanic for strategy. By the end, players will be capable of dealing billions of damage, while simultaneously having access to a vast array of customizable options in their arsenal.

Also of note is some of the censoring Mugen Souls Z has. There is a risqué bathing game that NISA has decided to take out, due to its questionable content. You can read full details of this here. Who knows what other kind of fan-service developer Compile Heart put in?

Mugen Souls Z is a PlayStation 3 exclusive. The game also comes out in Europe on May 23rd. Be sure to check back to CGM as more details arise!

James Griffin
James Griffin

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