MultiVersus Season 2 Begins Today: New Maps & Characters Coming Soon!

MultiVersus Season 2 Begins Today, lets see what they have to offer!

With MultiVersus’ Season 2 beginning today players can get a look at a new map, new characters, and new music now!

Descending from planet Mars to give us some trouble, players will soon be able to access Marvin the Martian! An incredibly classic character being made new again in time for MultiVersus Season 2. Players can expect his Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modular in the game too, along with a powerful blaster and spaceship summoning abilities.

A new map is also on the way, and it’s a good one. MultiVersus Season 2 has a new map inspired by the one and only Game of Thrones. This map also allows you to hurl your enemies away from the Iron Throne. Along with this comes Westeros themed hazards and awesomely iconic theme music for the perfect atmosphere.

Multiversus Season 2

The Multiversus Season 2 battle pass also serves us some good treats; new taunts to really drive your opponents crazy, new badges and profile icons along with banners and most excitingly, two new skins, Baker Street Tom & Jerry and Astronaut Velma! Not to mention their Toxic Explosion and Lava Breath which they say are “sure to demoralize your opponents in the flashiest way possible.”

MultiVersus is in open beta but is getting new developments all the time. The game is being polished along the way with the recently added multi-path network traffic acceleration which improves stability and latency. “On top of delivering tons of new goodies for you to enjoy, our goal in Season 2 is to refine the MVS experience and to make each game mode as exciting, rewarding and polished as possible.”

Though the game is technically only in its beginning stages, there’s a lot to be promised in MultiVersus, especially from Season 2, .

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