My Adventures with Superman Gets a Two-Season Order

My Adventures with Superman Get's a Two-Season Order


The series follows the 20-something versions of Clark Kent/Superman (voiced by Jack Quaid), Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen as members of an investigation team at the Daily Planet. HBO Max and Cartoon Network have already ordered the show for two seasons and will be produced by Warner Bros. Animation, with a team led by veterans from series like Teen Titans Go!, Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus, Voltron: Legendary Defender, and She-Ra and the Princess of Power.

The series will feature the series’ trio main characters as they live life while bad guys and fighting them becomes an unavoidable occurrence for the titular character. Clark will build up his identity as the Man of Steel and falling in love with Lois (voiced by Alice Lee) in the series while balancing his professional career with his co-workers.

This isn’t the first superhero rodeo for actor Jack Quaid, as he’s known for playing Hugie in Amazon Prime’s The Boys. The series is an ultra-violent/bloody, post-modern take on the superhero genre where Quaid plays a normal human who teams up with mercenaries to take on The Seven, a superhero group backed by an evil mega-corporation.

“This is the first animated Superman series in many years, and we want to tell our Superman story through the trio of Clark, Lois and Jimmy – whose relationship dynamic will allow for rich, serialized and engaging stories as we explore their lives as individuals and their journey together as friends,” Warner Bros. Animation president Sam Register said.

While Superman has been featured in multiple animation projects over the decades, the last time he headlined his own animated TV series was in 1996’s Superman: The Animated Series. That is the just in the animated realm, but the Kryptonian has starred as the main character in live-action DC shows like Smallville and Superman & Lois.

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