Need for Speed-y Internet Connection

Need for Speed-y Internet Connection 1

The Need for Speed  reboot will require an internet connection to play – even in offline mode.

The news was released via Twitter in response to fans hoping a constant internet connection wouldn’t be required, one fan specifically warning, “don’t make the same mistake”. The Need for Speed team responded, “…but the benefits are nice. More variety and a more rewarding experience with friends.”

The reason behind the feature is to, “… deliver the best experience possible and make playing with friends more rewarding.”  The team has also said that being connected with other players will be part of the “narrative experience” while having their own story in the open world.

So far, fans on Twitter haven’t said anything positive about the feature, only negative. Many threaten not to buy the game.


While there are successful games that require constant internet access like World of Warcraft and Clash of Clans, there are many games that have been affected by this.
Many players are opposed to online only games for various reasons. Some don’t have a good connection – or any connection at all. Although the game will have its own servers, EA’s are known to be pretty bad, and if the company decides to shut them down, then people can’t play the game at all.

EA isn’t new to what fans expect of a game. When SimCity 2013 fans were upset about the online only feature, they took six months to install an offline mode and failed to resolve any of the countless faulty mechanics. Before the update, the game suffered serious lagg, missing saved files, and would randomly disconnect. Every player’s city was restricted to a certain size while being one small section of a larger area. PC Gamer reviewed the game, claiming at one point to wait 20 minutes for the game to connect, and connecting with friends was frustrating.

There hasn’t been much information about the game released, nor any word on an offline mode. What is known, is that there will be five main modes: speed, style, build, crew, and outlaw, according to VideoGamer. People are expecting more news at E3 in June.

Need for Speed is set to be released November 3rd of this year.

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