New Agents Of Mayhem Trailer Drops

| May 30, 2017
New Agents Of Mayhem Trailer Drops 1

Deep Silver recently released a new trailer for Agents of Mayhem, the upcoming open-world action comedy game.

The new trailer focuses on vehicular gameplay, showcasing various luxury cars zipping through the streets of Seoul.  Agents of Mayhem features supercharged denizens with comic book inspired powers, but as the trailer below proves, the character’s aren’t the only ones who are capable of wrecking havoc; all the cars in the game seem to feature agility and powers reminiscent of the likes of games such as Twisted Metal, and more recently, Rocket League.

Agents of Mayhem takes cues from the developers past foray into open-world games, Saints Row. Like Saints Row, Agents of Mayhem thrives in its self-aware, slapstick and often over-the-top style of narrative, all wrapped up in layers of fun, open-world destructive gameplay. Agents of Mayhem will be gracing the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC this Au. 15, 2017

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