New Among Us Update Out Now

| March 8, 2021
New Among Us Update Out Now 1

Popular multiplayer game Among Us received a small update today that will have many parents resting easy. The v 2021.2.21 update introduced a new chat feature called Quickchat that allows players to communicate without actually having to type to each other in game. This feature will allow parents to rest easy as their children won’t be able to directly communicate with strangers. The developers posted to Twitter today about the update “We’ve just added Quickchat (v 2021.2.21) – this is an easier, faster and safer option to play if you’re using text chat! more info in game.”

Before the update anyone could type into chat and communicate with the people in their lobby. Now, each player will have to register with their age before the game can begin. Anyone under 13 will be directed to Quickchat only, and then they can choose a section from a wheel that will take you to a submenu with pre-written phrases rather than typing to a room of strangers.

According to, “Among Us’ has amassed over a billion players in 2020 alone, earning itself the title of ‘most popular game ever in terms of monthly players.’” With almost half a billion players monthly, parents had good reason to be worried about letting their children play. The game quickly gained popularity with both adults and kids, mixing all ages into lobbies together. Online safety became a constant worry for parents who had younger children wanting to play the game. This update is a small victory for parents.

Among Us had a few errors today surrounding the update such as blank loading screens and players unable to see any public lobbies. The developers are aware of the issues and working on fixes, with PC versions already being fixed, and they made note that mobile versions were still waiting for approval. Their Twitter page also promised information on a bigger update soon, so keep an eye out!

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