New Dragon Age Potentially to Have Multiplayer Mode, According to Job Listings

| Jan 11, 2019
New Dragon Age Potentially to Have Multiplayer Mode, According to Job Listings

As series grow old, there comes a time for due change. According to new job listings, Dragon Age may finally be receiving its groundbreaking breakthrough as a new, mysterious multiplayer mode.

Originally discovered by Gear Nuke, BioWare, Dragon Age’s developer, has recently been on the lookout for a Franchise Technical Director, and just as players took this for granted, some began to notice a particularly interesting detail:

“The franchise Technical Director is the most senior engineering lead on the game team and a key member of the Dragon Age franchise leadership. Ultimately responsible for ensuring that we delight our players, they build and mentor the engineering team, build and execute the game technology plan, and define and direct the development process. They collaborate with central technology groups and other game teams to coordinate technology strategy and achieve the best results for BioWare and EA, ” Sounds fairly straight forward, but according to one of the job qualifications, this supposed Technical Director is required to have “experience developing multiplayer games.”

With this, it strongly points that the new Dragon Age game will have a multiplayer debut, but wether that comes in the form of a co-op mode or a 2019 standard Battle Royale mode is to no-one’s certainty.

Yet despite the unknowns, the possibility of a multiplayer mode for the new untitled Dragon Age comes as fairly surprising news, as the series has, through its time, focused on delivering ground-breaking single-player experiences- providing what may come to be known as the series’ greatest turnaround to this day.

Bioware has yet to reveal any substantial information regarding Dragon Age’s next entry, but according to a source provided by GameSpot, executive producer Mark Darrah has suggested the game has been in the works “for quite a while” and is being complete by “core veterans”.

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