New Need For Speed Gameplay Clip Seemingly Leaks Online

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A very short video snippet has seemingly leaked for the new Need for Speed game, currently in development at EA.

As reported by VGC, the work-in-progress clip leaked on Reddit, where a user named AlexKVideos said the video was passed around multiple Discords, where they got ahold of it.

The clip in question is rough three seconds long, and shows a car crashing into an obstacle, along with all the HUD elements visible. What’s really interesting, however, is that the clips seems to confirm the fusion of a photo-realistic visual style with anime elements, which was previously rumored. Although the clip is short the overall aesthetic looks almost cel-shaded, and as the car collides with the obstacle some kind of graffity-style graphics pop off of the car.

Another post this week on r/needforspeed has supposedly leaked even more details, featuring images that are from the video clip that emerged today. Here’s what that post says about the new game, but keep in mind that nothing is confirmed at this point.

Car culture/gameplay

  • No drag racing
  • No drift events
  • Speedcross returns
  • Upgrade system simplified for the younger audience. Similar to what Forza does (B, A, S), but you can still find numbers.

Car meets

  • Menu based
  • Enter car park. Menu pops up. You scroll through cars and can swap ‘em.
  • You can bet on people and play an event. If you win, you get money. Harder driver? More money

Some story elements

  • Inclusive feel like Heat. Diversity’s a big part of NFS going forward. Strong female/cultural representation in the new game.
  • Intro cutscene is a BMW doing donuts without doors. Has a Latin music flair like Heat

Content / level of support

  • A year at most- heavily dependent on sales and reviews.
  • Initial level of content – ideally, it would be like Heat at launch

Other info

  • For those working on NFS less than half are ex-Ghost or old Criterion. The rest are fresh eyes on the franchise. Basically not the criterion from hp2010 to mw2012 or ghost of rivals-heat.
  • Key goal to grow the audience to a new gen of kids/young NFS fans who grew up on other games with a soft reboot. Expecting older fans will buy it
  • Moving train on the map
  • Game will release this year

Although the game hasn’t been officially revealed yet, EA has talked about the new Need for Speed multiple times, with the company last saying it was on track to release by the end of 2022. That obviously doesn’t leave much time left, considering the game hasn’t even been officially revealed. The game is also rumored to feature an expansive multiplayer mode, bigger than anything the series has seen so far.

It’s been three years since the release of the last game in the franchise, Need For Speed Heat. At the moment, platforms haven’t been announced for the new Need For Speed.

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