Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Trailer Shows New Forms, Secret Creatures & Ed Sheeran

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As Pokémon Scarlet and Violet season drags on towards the November 18 release date info keeps coming, and the new trailer released today recaps previous reveals while teasing a new form.

Every time a new Pokémon title releases, GameFreak keeps fans on their toes by trickling out information under strict control. Despite fans revealing early released copies of the game that have surfaced in the past such as whole Pokédex reveals prior to release, and even major plot point spoilers like the time travel aspect of Legends Arceus, GameFreak continues to hold tight onto information to build suspense for their titles. Today, they’ve revealed a new trailer for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet that teases a new form for a returning creature, while recapping their previous information, which can be seen below.

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The trailer showcases the previously announced Ed Sheeran theme for the new titles called ‘Celestial,’ and it plays while the recapping of the previously released information is on-screen. A small mention of Pikachu and Eevee are in order, as this is the first time their ‘cries’ have reverted to their original sounds since the Let’s Go! titles, where they made entirely new noises that made their way into Sword and Shield. But that’s not all that has returned:

A Dragapult in a terastalized form makes an appearance, revealing what the Dragon type terastal ‘hat’ looks like for the first time, but also showing that the Dragon-Ghost is making an appearance this generation. This is where the returning Pokémon get more interesting, and possibly reveal a little more than was initially intended.

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Donphan in its Johto form was shown in the trailer, but so was a brand-new form of the monster. This was featured on a drawing from fellow trainer Arven. Then the form was shown very briefly in all its glory. ANOTHER form is shown of Donphan however, featuring a less dinosaur appearance, and a more futuristic look.

Pokémon Scarlet &Amp; Violet Trailer Shows New Forms &Amp; Ed Sheeran

This could be related to the box legendaries, Koraidon and Moraidon, as both Pokémon forms resemble their aesthetic. There have been rumours swirling the mill that ‘Paradox’ forms would make an entry in the new titles, and this could be related. After all, Cyclizar does resemble both box legendaries in the same way Donphan resembles these new forms.

While this is all speculation, fans can find the rumour mill over on Twitter from @Riddler_Khu, a known Pokémon riddle leaker with all of its information, which seems to slowly be correct about the riddles posed to the community, as the person behind the account has correctly teased the ‘coin’ Pokémon Gimmighoul for over a month now. Fans can also see the list of all new official monster reveals over on the Pokémon website.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet release on November 18.

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