New PS VR Action-Adventure Fracked Coming This Summer

| Mar 3, 2021
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PlayStation’s PSVR Spotlight continues with the announcement of Fracked, a made-for-VR action-adventure coming this summer.

The player takes control of the hero who is stuck deep inside a mountain fracking facility, which is the least of his worries, as the region has been taken over by an interdimensional gun-wielding army known as the Fracked. It is, of course, up to you to put an end to them before it is too late.

The gameplay of Fracked features fast-paced action. Players can expect to be seamlessly transitioning from skiing, running, climbing, and zip lining as they maneuver through this world. With an emphasis on player control, there will be no on-rails or cinematic cutscenes, instead, everything is driven by the player’s movement. Combat promises to operate similarly, offering the player freedom in their approach to flank the enemy.

The developers also stress that this freedom would not be possible using a traditional gamepad, so break out those PS move controllers because Fracked is “is unashamedly a true VR game”.

More Details on Fracked from PS Blog:

  • The developers describe Fracked as a 2021 version of Die Hard of Cliffhanger
  • Skiing requires you to physically lean to steer and control.
  • This game is getting PS5 enhancements! On PS5 expect improved framerates, loading times, and resolution. 
  • Fracked will be launching exclusively this summer on PSVR

The developer, nDreams, is no stranger to creating VR titles. Fracked being their 9th VR experience following the release last year’s, Phantom: Covert Ops.

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