Steam Charts See Exciting Revamp As Valve Makes Them Easier and More Accessible

Steam Revamps Their 'Most Played + Top Selling' Weekly & Real-Time Charts 4

Valve’s Steam platform is a great way to increase gaming libraries at huge discounts, and yesterday they’ve made it far easier to see what everyone else has been playing in real time.

The former Steam ‘best’ charts have been available for members on the platform to view, to maybe get an idea of what’s trending or simply to figure out what everyone else is playing, to find a new title to dive into. Yesterday, valve’s massive gaming platform made the charts more accessible than ever before, by including more lists and real-time information. The new charts will replace the old ‘stats’ section.

Steam Revamps Their 'Most Played + Top Selling' Weekly &Amp; Real-Time Charts 3

The brand-new overview page will give gaming enthusiasts an idea of what the top played titles are on the platform, what is being most played and the top-selling games at the moment. There is also a page for the top 100 games played right now and the top 100 weekly revenue-earning titles. At the surprise of absolutely no one, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II is at the top of the best-selling list, and it hasn’t even released yet. A real surprise is the universally bashed Cyberpunk 2077 is a best seller as well, but this can be due to the new Cyberpunk: Edge Runners anime on Netflix and the impending Phantom Liberty DLC package that aims to broaden the scope of Night City.

Steam Charts See Exciting Revamp As Valve Makes Them Easier And More Accessible

As listed on a Steam Blog page, the following are more notable improvements to the big stats page:

Number of weeks on chart – We’ve added indication of how many weeks a game has been on the top sellers chart.

Weekly change in rank – We’ve added indication of how many positions a game has changed in rank, if any, compared with the previous week.

Region switcher – For a set of most popular countries on Steam, we generate country-specific top sellers lists as a default so the lists can pick up on regional differences in customer interests. By default, we’ll show you charts for your own country if we have them, but you can always switch to the global view or to another country’s view if you are curious.

Total revenue – This list charts how well games are selling right now, including all editions (standard, deluxe, etc) of the game as well as DLC and in-game transactions. If an individual DLC is selling well enough on it’s own to make the chart, we’ll show the DLC entry as well so you can see when exciting new game expansions are making a splash.

Steam Blog

The top statistics lists are available for anyone with a working computer or smartphone, requires no login or sign-up, and can be viewed right now on their website.

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