New Studio: Hangar 13

| December 4, 2014
New Studio: Hangar 13 1

Videogame publisher 2K has announced the formation of a new studio called Hangar 13 that will be led by Haden Blackman, a former Lucas Arts director who worked on games like Knights of the Old Republic and The Force Unleashed.

The studio has set up shop within 2K’s office in Novato, California. According to their website they are currently building an engine for a still unannounced AAA game for the current generation of consoles and PC.

The President of 2K, Christoph Hartmann said “Under Blackman’s direction, Hangar 13 will lead the charge in creating some of the most memorable AAA experiences of this generation.”

Blackman has dropped some hints about the type of game he wants to make. He says the kinds of experiences that get him excited are ones that can provide different experiences for different players.

According to an article on Digital Trends Blackman says “The reason why I got excited about games as a kid, and continually went back to games and played games, was because the games I was playing at the time did have this notion that the player’s story was unique. I could sit down and talk to my brothers about playing the game, and the experiences I had. And it would be different on some level than the experiences that they had”

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