Ubisoft Announcing a New Game Set in Tom Clancy Universe

| July 19, 2021
Ubisoft Announcing a New Game Set in Tom Clancy Universe

Ubisoft is revealing a new multiplayer title that seemingly balances themes and aesthetics from Call of Duty, Watch Dogs, and Overwatch. IGN shared twenty-five seconds of gameplay on its Twitter account on July 18, along with a message regarding a future announcement.

The gameplay footage shared by IGN doesn’t show anything specific to Tom Clancy. That detail came from an announcement Ubisoft tweeted later on the same day. The tweet just shows the Tom Clancy series logo with art that looks graffiti-inspired, which is similar to the style from the gameplay footage.

We do know the two announcements are related though since IGN’s tweet said there would be an announcement with a “full reveal” on July 19 at 11:15 PT. The Ubisoft tweet says to tune in at 11:00 PT, but we all know that’s for a dreaded countdown timer that goes on for fifteen minutes.

We don’t know much yet, but at this time it’s fun and easy to speculate. It looks like it will probably be a hero shooter built around espionage-themed technology, with science-fiction and spy-themed influences. There’s enough room for another hero shooter, but especially if Ubisoft leans into aesthetics that aren’t being utilized as much by other games.

The multiplayer numbers for Call of Duty, Overwatch, and Fortnite won’t suffer from this upcoming game, but it may be able to skim a few million people off the top with its different aesthetic and approach. The previously mentioned multiplayer titles are all incredibly successful but none of them are doing anything that looks similar to this Tom Clancy project’s footage. This is different enough to make a splash, and that’s all it takes to be the next big game.

We’ll know more and if it looks promising after Ubisoft’s announcement, which will be on their Twitter account at 11:15 PT. I’m not watching a countdown timer.

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