Newest Metal Gear Solid V Patch Allows Players to Reunite with Quiet

Newest Metal Gear Solid V Patch Allows Players to Reunite with Quiet - 2015-11-10 09:12:56

One of the biggest complaints many fans of MGS V has with the game, is that you could not continue to use Quiet throughout the game. If you are not versed in all the aspects of Metal Gear Solid V, there is a point that forces you to lose access to Quiet. Quiet, an expert sniper, was one of the best buddies you could use in the game, so it was no surprise when people where upset by this development, people where none to happy by this.

Well it seems Konami, in the latest patch for the game have given players a way to regain access. In a post on Reddit, a user has found that if you replay mission 11 “Cloaked in Silence” seven times, you will be able to reunite with Quiet. It will not change any story based missions, but she will be back in her cell, and be available to use on missions. It has been confirmed as working, so if you want Quiet back in your game, load up your save and get to taking her down!

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