Niantic Reveals Pokémon Go’s First Community Day of 2022

| December 21, 2021
Niantic Reveals Pokémon Go's First Community Day of 2022

Every month, players of Pokémon Go can look forward to one day when a specific Pokémon is put in the spotlight, and will show up everywhere for eager players to catch.

To ring in the new year, Niantic has revealed which Pokémon will be featured in the first Community Day of 2022.

Announced on the Pokémon Go official website, the January 16, 2022 Community Day will feature the lovable, spherical Ice/Water type Pokémon: Spheal. Known as the “Clap Pokémon,” Spheal will appear more frequently in the wild between the hours of 11am–5pm (local time).

As with previous Community Days, if players evolve their Spheal to his final evolution during the event—or up to two hours after—they will attain a Walrein with the exclusive move, “Icicle Spear,” which was introduced in Generation III, but makes it’s debut in Pokémon Go with this event.

Niantic Reveals Pokémon Go'S First Community Day Of 2022

Much like with previous events, this Community Day will also give players bonuses like a 3x XP catch bonus, both Lure Modules and Incense used during the event will last for three hours (and spawn the featured Pokémon almost exclusively); and taking snapshots during the event might trigger a special surprise.

Furthermore, the sheer volume of Spheal encounters almost guarantees a decent amount of Shiny Spheals, which is great news for low-effort Shiny hunters, such as myself. Similarly to previous events, there will also be a Community Day Special Research assignment titled, “The Spheal Deal,” which will cost $1USD (or the equivalent pricing tier for local currency).

Speaking for myself, Pokémon Go Community Days have been especially helpful during the pandemic, both as an excuse to get outside, or just to help bolster my selection of Shinies in Pokémon Shield. With Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl having just been released—and likely on several Christmas lists—this is a solid little addition to anyone’s roster.

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