Night Trap 25th Anniversary Edition Will Drop August 15

| Jul 28, 2017
Night Trap 25th Anniversary Edition Will Drop August 15

Screaming Villains has unveiled a release date for the upcoming Night Trap 25th Anniversary Edition remaster via a new trailer that dropped on their official YouTube page.

Night Trap 25th Anniversary Edition will drop August 15 2017 on PlayStation 4 and PC, with PlayStation 4 owners getting a physical release a few days early on August 11 2017. No release date has been given for the Xbox One version of the upcoming game at this time.

Night Trap 25th Anniversary Edition will receive physical copies via Limited Run Games. For those unfamiliar with the service, Limited Run Games is a company that offers consumers with physical releases of otherwise smaller or independent titles. Night Trap 25th Anniversary Edition will join the ranks of games such as Shadow Complex, Skull Girls and Firewatch. Those interested in grabbing a physical copy of the upcoming Night Trap release should check out Limited Runs Games site for details.

Night Trap originally released for the SEGA CD and SEGA 32X all the way back in October of 1992. Night Trap was revolutionary at the time of release for using full motion videos, or, FMVs, thanks to the storage capabilities of optical disc technology, a medium that was still very new for home consoles.

The premise of Night Trap has the player investigating the mysterious disappearance of 5 teenage girls from the Winery estate. Players join S.C.A.T. (the Sega Control Attack Team) as a internal S.C.A.T. operative, tasked with monitoring and looking for traps hidden all over the estate. Gameplay consists of a typical point and click title, those familiar with games like Five Night’s at Freddy’s will feel right at home.

Night Trap was very controversial for the time due its depiction of violence through a more realistic lens. This actually lead to the creation of the ESRB, a system that is still being used today to rate video games in North America.

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