Nintendo Updates Patent For Possible Modular Controller

| August 17, 2016
Nintendo Updates Patent For Possible Modular Controller 6

Nintendo is keeping the gaming world, and companies, intrigued with the mysteriousness surrounding their new console, codenamed NX. Now, it appears we might have a better idea of what the controller will look like, at least.

A patent for a number of controller attachments that can be placed onto a host device, which was originally published back in 2014, is now available to the public as discovered by Nintendo Life.

As pictured above, we can see what resembles a tablet-like device with a changeable d-pad. Further images show examples of the tablet with multiple d-pads, joysticks, and button pads. This seems to further coincide with recent information regarding the idea of a portable device with intriguing control options.

A few days ago, another series of patents were also made available for public viewing which show a similar concept for the controller. A tablet device was also mentioned with detachable controllers located on either side. They featured minimal circuitry and would possibly rely on infrared from the system core.

As you can see, the concepts are pretty similar and once again press the issue for the portable idea. With all patents though, it may or may not be an indication of what Nintendo plans to drop on us.

The Nintendo NX is currently slated to launch in March 2017. They have chosen to remain very secretive of the project and their current projects, so much so that the past E3 they barely had any presence. Nintendo’s current flagship console, the Wii U, has been for lack of a better term disappointing on the current generation market versus other consoles.

The Wii completely dominated the market upon its arrival thanks to its interesting concept, but the Wii U felt like it had something missing. Many people point to a weak line-up of launch titles and the length of time before any interesting games were made available. Hopefully the NX will remedy some of the damage the Wii U caused.

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