Nintendo Reveals Switch Price and Details

| Jan 13, 2017
Nintendo Switch Surpasses GBA Unit Sales

The Nintendo Switch Presentation finally aired and we have a release date for the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo’s next generation console will be released worldwide on Mar 3, 2017 with a sale price of $299.99 USD ($399.99 CAD). The console is evidently next gen, for it will not be region locked and will feature 2.5 to 6.5 hours of mobile playtime on a full charge.

The Nintendo Switch was designed as a coming together of all of Nintendo’s previous console generations’ advancements. The original NES brought the console home to the family. The SNES introduced the X & Y buttons to enhance control and player experience. The gameboy colour allowed you to bring the console outside. With the Wii’s motion capabilities and Wii U’s Amiibos, the logical conclusion is the Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch is a promise of an ultimate all-in-one console with all of the above.

With a new close look at the console, we can see they pulled through. The console boasts a double-dose of nostalgic game controllers called the Joy-cons, with the classic A-B-X-Y configuration, and an analog stick mirrored on each side. When put together in the “Joy-con Grip,” the default configuration, L+R buttons can be used on the shoulders. Detached, each Joy-con can be used as a fully functioning individual controller. They will include a home button, an NFC reader for your Amiibos, and an advanced accelerometer and gyro sensor for advanced rumble capabilities, aptly termed “HD Rumble.” To take things even further and in status quo with other current gen consoles, they’ve added a share button for video recording. Up to eight consoles can be connected at the same time for local wireless play as well. The console launches with two boxed versions, one will include standard black controllers, and the other, with red and blue controllers. The Pro controller will be sold separately.

All in all, the Switch is clearly an everything-in-one kind of console. Want to play your games with your NES style controllers? Play them detached. Want a next gen experience? Use the Pro controller. Or keep things simple with the default Joy-con Grip setting. The console is like some suitcase built by Inspector Gadget with all your favourite features for an absolutely free and customizable gaming experience.

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