Every Announcement From Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase

Every Announcement From Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase

As announced yesterday, Nintendo streamed another Indie World presentation to showcase all the upcoming indie games coming to the Nintendo Switch this year.

We’ll be diving into all the games Nintendo showed off during its showcase that focused on indie games which the presentation was around 24 minutes long. This is a non-Nintendo Direct branded presentation so don’t expect some giant Nintendo exclusive reveals. Nintendo, however, did give Switch owners a look at some fun-looking games coming to the handheld, some of which are available today.

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Below is the full list of games featured during today’s Nintendo Indie World Showcase in presentation order—let’s dive in!

Ooblets – Summer 2022

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Ooblets is a farming, creature collection, and town life game where you build up your farm, befriend townsfolk, grow ooblets, and have dance-offs. It arrives on Nintendo Switch this summer, two years after it premiered on Xbox and Epic.

Batora: Lost Haven – Fall 2022

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Batora: Lost Haven is a hack & slash and a twin-stick shooter game in a nonlinear interplanetary story-driven action RPG. Players will journey across colourful and mesmerizing planets in this fast-paced adventure as a naïve and reckless girl who lost everything and is on a quest to save the planet from oblivion.

Elechead – Summer 2022

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Being created by solo developer, Nama Takahashi, ElecHead is a puzzle-platform game where you play as a small robot named Elec who is on a mission to bring back the light to the world. Elec interacts with the world by flowing electricity through objects and activating them which include walls, floors, platforms, switches, and many more. Additionally, Elec can use his head to help find a way out to charge objects out of his reach to make it through obstacles.

Soundfall – Available Now

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Soundfall is a fusion of music-based rhythm, dungeon crawler, and looter shooter action game that showcases “a world of music unlike any other”. Players can play either solo or with up to four players. With over a hundred songs, Soundfall is available now on Nintendo Switch and all other current platforms.

Wildfrost – Holiday 2022

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Wildfrost lets players build a unique deck powerful enough to fight back the eternal frost. The game features customizable and upgradable companion cards that can expand Woldfrost’s hub town which allows players to unlock new items, events, challenges and much more.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator – Summer 2022

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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator also known as TABS lets players be the leader of red and blue wobblers from ancient lands, spooky places and fantastic worlds. You can watch 100+ wobblers fight in simulations made with the “wobbliest physics system ever created” according to the developer. Players can also send their wobblers to fight their friends or strangers in online multiplayer.

Gunbrella – TBA 2023

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Gunbrella is a noir-punk action-adventure from Devolver Digital, set in a world dependent on a rapidly diminishing natural resource. Players take the role of a gruff woodsman on a quest for revenge, armed with the mysterious Gunbrella, which is both a firearm and an umbrella. His investigation becomes entangled with the inner workings of ghouls and gangsters, cops and cultists, and the fallout of corporate exploitation.

We are OFK – Summer 2022

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We Are OFK is an interactive narrative music biopic series and interactive EP that lets players experience themes such as dreaming, dating, and paying rent in Los Angeles. The game also features the band in the game arguing over lyrics, sending sad texts, and playing Interactive Music Videos, including OFK’s debut single “Follow/Unfollow”.

Silt – June 2022

YouTube video

Silt is an underwater puzzle-adventure game where players are put into the shoes of a diver exploring the underwater ocean abyss to discover long-forgotten mysteries. Along the exploratory way, players can possess sea creatures and solve puzzles that will allow players to travel deeper into the unknown darkness in Silt.

Mini Motorways – Available Now

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Mini Motorways is from the makers of Mini Metro, Dinosaur Polo Club and is all about drawing the roads for everyday motorists that help not drive them to their destination but the ever-expanding city. The Nintendo Switch version at launch will feature two new maps from Warsaw, Poland and Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Players can create one road at a time to form a metropolis which includes designing the city to keep the traffic flow from getting chaotic, as well as managing upgrades too like roundabouts, tunnels, bridges, and not so mini motorways. Players who get a lot of their work in the darkness of the game should be happy to know they can construct in the twilight hours thanks to the aid of car headlights in night mode.

Wayward Strand – July 21st

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Wayward Strand is a lovingly illustrated simultaneous storytelling game sand is the first title from studio, Ghost Pattern. The game is set in Australia in the 1970s, players will step aboard a curious flying hospital and explore a world of living stories amongst a charming and diverse cast in this story about companionship and caregiving.

Cult of the Lamb – TBA 2022

YouTube video

In Cult of the Lamb, players start their own cult in a land of false prophets which you can weed out as they attempt to overthrow. You will venture out into diverse and mysterious regions to build a loyal community of woodland worshippers and spread your Word to become the one true cult. (Despite naming this a “release date trailer,” studio Massive Monster only gave a vague release window for its Nintendo Switch debut.)

Another Crab’s Treasure – TBA 2023

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Another Crab’s Treasure is a souls-like adventure where players will play as Kril the hermit crab exploring a crumbling underwater world plagued by a mysterious curse. In order to survive, Kril will need to wear the trash as shells to survive attacks from enemies way bigger than you. Players are tasked to search the world in an epic treasure hunt to buy back your repossessed shell, along the way Kril will discover the dark secrets behind the polluted ocean.

OneShot World: World Machine Edition – Summer 2022

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OneShot World: World Machine Edition is a top-down puzzle adventure game with a unique gameplay hook. Players will attempt to guide a child through a mysterious world as you go on a journey to restore its long-dead sun.

Gibbon: Beyond the Trees – Available Now

YouTube video

Gibbon: Beyond the Trees is a hand-drawn adventure following a lost gibbon as they embark on a dangerous journey into unknown lands. Now available on Nintendo Switch, players will race to freedom in liberation mode, or play through an hour-long narrative that captures the real struggle of living creatures around the world.

Idol Manager– August 25th

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Idol Manager is a business sim about conquering the entertainment industry where you full control of a small talent agency. Players can create their own idol groups, produce singles, and sell out concert arenas. On the opposite side, players will also manage disharmony, deal with scandals, and if it comes to it even take out a loan from a loan shark.

Card Shark – TBA 2022 (Free Demo Available)

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Card Shark is an adventure game full of cunning, intrigue, and delectable deceit as players enter a world where they’ll need to play your opponents better than them as they unearth an unscrupulous group of scoundrels and rogues, rumoured to possess an unlimited fund between them. Check out its demo now on the Nintendo eShop.

Cursed to Golf – Summer 2022

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Cursed to Golf is a golf-like adventure where every shot counts in Golf Purgatory. To make it out of this sports-like prison, players must become a Golfing Legend, but it won’t be easy as insane hazards will be an obstacle but thankfully otherworldly power-ups and tons of replayability to help you back to the land of the living.

A Guidebook of Babel – Fall 2022

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In A Guidebook of Babel, players can challenge themselves in a time-twisted adventure in order to change things unfold for those on their journey to the afterlife. Attempt to discover the truth about this place.

OPUS: Echo of Starsong Full Bloom Edition – Available Now

YouTube video

OPUS: Echo of Starsong Full Bloom Edition is a visual novel-style adventure game that puts players into the shoes of Eda, a girl who can hear mysterious sound waves known as starsong. Along the way, Eda meets a young man who is seeking the source of the starsong and together they discover the truth of the ancient myth in the heart of space.

Unfortunately, another Nintendo Indie World Showcase has come and gone without any further world on Silksong. However, between these games and those shown off at the previous showcase in December, there are many indie offerings headed to the Nintendo Switch this summer to tide people over in the meantime.

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