Nintendo’s new release schedule will accommodate third-party developers

| May 3, 2011
Nintendo's new release schedule will accommodate third-party developers

Nintendo wants to give third-party titles a better chance to succeed on their various gaming platforms.

In a recent conference call with investors, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata said that his company now plans to schedule first-party titles like Super Mario and Mario Kart around the release dates of major third-party games.

“We want the other companies to be successful,” said Iwata. “In order to accomplish this goal, we would like to decide on the dates after we know the release plans of other companies’ games so that we are able to consider how we can maximize the sales of our titles without affecting the sales of other companies in the short term.”

It’s no secret that Nintendo’s first-party games sell far better than third-party releases, so this seems like a pretty sound plan if Nintendo is looking to boost total game sales on their various consoles. That said, it could be easier said than done. Things could get tricky during the holiday season when every company is looking to release something new.

Source: Nintendo [via Joystiq]

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